Become A Certified Etiquette Instructor: Teaching children to resolve conflict through etiquette and civility mastery.

02 May
This certification program is ideal for educators, program directors, community/faith based organizations and individuals who desire to either incorporate etiquette mastery into their existing programs or desire to start their own etiquette businesses.

In our six day training, you will learn everything needed to launch your own etiquette business or to incorporate etiquette lessons into your school or youth programs. This program is limited to 12 etiquette trainees and will focus on etiquette programs designed to impact the lives of youth residing in urban communities.

Your program will include:
  • Weekly virtual meetings (5) each Saturday, (1) onsite interactive training session with youth participants.
  • An etiquette training manual complete with proven teaching tools
  • Fun, engaging and educational sheets for easy duplication
  • Detailed lesson plans for 1st through 12th grades
  • Course materials including Business Operations, Marketing and Strategic Planning, Self-Presentation Skills, Dining Skills, Conversation Skills, Telephone Skills, Thank You Notes, Posture, Hair and Makeup, Clothing, Dating Skills, Grooming, Cotillion and many other topics that help nurture a child’s social development
  • Rights to use The Etiquette Imperative Institute® name on your materials
  • Professional Photograph Session
  • Marketing opportunities designed to promote you and your classes
  • Certification exam modules will be completed online. You may complete your reading and take your tests at your own pace.
 Based on this program, a child can return to you for continued etiquette training up to six times over 12 years.  Visit The Etiquette Imperative at for more information.

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